Organisational Development

Integrate will manage, guide, and support the process of organisational development and change.

Integrate can design specific programmes to ensure a smooth transition during periods of change.

Integrate has developed a system for change using the following principles;

  • Review - Understand where the organisation is at the moment.
  • Restrcuture- reshape the people.
  • Redesign- reshape the environment.
  • Provides full programme and individual project management.
  • Involving people from within the system to give and offer support.
  • Identify the makeup of the organisation; market, culture, behaviours, environment, processes, relationships, situation, its wants and needs.
  • Initiate an achievable and attainable process enabling change to happen.
  • Design a process involving clear and understandable methods of communication.
  • Ensure that the workforce is involved from conception to completion.
  • Provide communication and consultation and involvement towards effective completion.

Integrate recognises the need to enable change to take place from both the organisation and the people within it, from structures and processes to a mindset Integrate enables everyone to embrace change, to benefit both the organisation as well as that of the individual.