Customer / Competitor Analysis

Within today’s competitive markets it is vital to clearly understand what it is you have to offer and how this compares with other organisations abilities to deliver work for Local Authorities. Integrate enables you to focus clearly on the requirements of the public sector and to target your bids effectively.

Integrate will enhance your opportunity to be successful in gaining business in the public sector by presenting you with options and choices, clarifying the issues and challenges. We will identify how to better utilise your resources and to recognise options.

Integrate can provide analysis to help you determine levels of likely success in selling new products, you will also be able to identify potential customers within Local Authorities.

Integrate has a wide understanding of Local Authorities which enables us to recognise gaps in provision and to develop a potential new market.

Integrate will identify competition such as competitors/customers names exploring similar products and prices. This process will enable you to cut down on development and save costs and to design a clear development strategy.

Integrate can foster and develop alliances between organisations in order to achieve maximum potential in gaining and delivering complex projects.